The Leadership

Late Shri. Rajesh Khot


The Founder, Late Shri. Rajesh Khot was truly one of the most inspiring personalities of our time. His immense modesty and down-to-earth charm deceptively hide the magnitudes of his persona and his inspiring accomplishments. He was a personality of many dimensions and achievements. He was a true leader in the life and his legaacy AML is an example of true leadership, which need to be acknowledged and recognized.

From being a grassroots field staff to Managing executives,

Shri. Rajesh Khot has been associated with AML over two decades of experience in the logistics industry, he has the right combination of knowledge, leadership and business acumen to propel AML to new heights of growth and diversification under his leadership.

The Management

After the untimely demise of Rajesh Khot, Mrs. Sonali Rajesh Khot put herself in his shoes and lead ACE Multifreight with the same vision, enthusiasm, and values as framed by Rajesh Khot. Managing Director, Mrs. Sonali Khot took over as Chairman and MD of AML in 2021.

She has developed a subtle understanding of the logistics business in a short span of time and comes across as a very focused Chairman who clearly drives for making an impact, speaks her mind, while at the same time she understands the need to drive the business as well.

Director, Mr. Atmaram Chavan is trained by our founder Rajesh Khot and he holds a Master’s Degree from Mumbai University.

He is a leader who relishes challenges. His multiple roles in logistics industries and geographies have helped him to develop what he calls his ‘stairway to a global mindset’, which challenges us to think fast and think new. He is well networked in the corporate world and Industry Forum.