Air Charter

We at ACE MULTIFREIGHT LOGISTICS are capable to responding to any challenging needs of our Customer be it Critical Delivery across Globe through Scheduled flights or A charter flight. Charter Flights are non scheduled flight that is organized for a specific journey. This allows clients to avoid the usual delays and issues faced by commercial airlines. Such as Frequency, space allocation, non availability of flights to the remote locations etc. More importantly, a charter flight ensures direct flights to more locations around the world than Scheduled flights do.

Customers chose to higher a Charter Flight for transporting of cargo and have a contract to have exclusive use of aircraft at a fixed rate, under one contract, for a specified itinerary. There are Part Charter options also available only if there is other customer with cargo to a destination in the route and if both parties agree and if there is operational feasibility to make this happen without causing delay to any of the parties involved. If our Customer have a requirement ACE MULTIFREIGHT LOGISTICS has the right solution for them in Air Charter Services for there Project Cargo, Relief Cargo or Urgent cargo around the Globe.
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